The following chapter members  have been awarded the CPM of the Year or Member of the Year for their outstanding contribution to our chapter.  The individuals who hold the CPM® designation have personally demonstrated their competence through a stipulated number of years of experience, examinations based on training courses presented by IREM, and proven standards of integrity and ethics. In addition, a CPM® agrees to abide by the Institute's Code of Ethics. 

Year      CPM of the Year:                                          Member of the Year:

2017    Sam Shannon, CPM                                       Cody Kirkpatrick, Emerging Leader Award

2016    Amanda Cox, CPM                                     

2015      Kerry Klenzendorf, CPM                                Irene Melendez

2014      Brandi Herdzina, CPM                                   Amanda Cox, ARM

2013      Franzi Jackson, CPM                                      Shawna Hardin

2012      Brad Kidd, CPM                                              Brandi Herdzina

2011      Kathleen Ramlow, CPM                                 Steven Rea

2010      Shawna Gross, CPM                                       Penelope Kemper

2009      Becky Heston, CPM                                        Andrea Bonecutter

2008      Julia Finney, CPM                                            Kim Morgan

2007      Daryl Chalberg, CPM

2006      Rheta Williams, CPM